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A History of Success and Tradition

Since its early years, Menendez Amerino has displayed its passion for the art of making cigars. This passion led to the creation of the Dona Flor cigar.

The brand was created from a partnership between the Menendez family, a traditional Cuban family, and Mário Amerino Portugal, who also had a legacy, a history and ample experience in the tobacco industry and in harvesting tobacco plants in the Recôncavo Baiano, a rich agricultural and industrial region along the coast of Bahia in Brazil.

Headquartered in the city of São Gonçalo dos Campos, in the state of Bahia, the company is currently managed by Félix Menendez, with the support of Master Blender Arturo Toraño. Together they monitor the entire cigar and cigarillo production process.

Casa Menendez Amerino seeks perfection at every stage of the tobacco process, from harvesting to classification and maturation. Our meticulous dedication leads to our superb products, recognized for their high quality both in Brazil and abroad.